Brown Bag Chat: Legal & Financial Challenges Facing People with Cancer

Wednesday, April 21, 2010 at 12:30-1:30PM EDT

Ask the OncoLink experts your questions about legal & financial concerns during and after cancer treatment. A transcript will be available after the event in case you miss it.

Thank you for your interest in today’s topic. Unfortunately we ran out of time before all of the questions were answered. Please check back with the OncoLink Ask the Experts Legal and Financial Issues for more questions and answers.

Experts include:

Tracy Lautenbach, MSW, LCSW, Social Worker in the Radiation Oncology Department at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania

Rodney N. Warner, JD, Cancer Survivor, OncoLink Blogger & Staff Attorney at The Legal Clinic for the Disabled

William J. Wahl III, Financial Advisor at Rockwell Associates and Friend of OncoLink

Miércol es 21 de abril, 2010 at 12:30-1:30PM EDT

Pregunte a los expertos de OncoLink sus interrogantes acerca de las preocupaciones legales y financieras durante y después de un tratamiento de cáncer. En caso de que no pueda acompañarnos, una transcripción estará disponible para su beneficio.

Usted puede mand arnos sus preguntas con antelacion o durante la charla en vivo.

Expertos incluyen:

Tracy Lautenbach, MSW, LCSW, Trabajadora Social en el Departamento de Radiación Oncológica en el Hospital de la Universidad de Pennsylvania

Rodney N. Warner, JD, Sobreviviente de Cáncer, Blogueador de OncoLink & Abogado en la Clinical Legal para el Incapacitado

William J. Wahl III, Asesor financiero en Socios de Rockwell y Amigo de OncoLink

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