This Thing Called the Internet and the World Wide Web

Facebook launched in 2004. Google launched in 1996. Amazon launched in 1995. But in 1994, OncoLink was one of the 2,738 websites in the world. In 2012, there are an estimated 612,843,429 websites2. In 1994, you could access OncoLink with your blazing fast 28.8k Modem (3200 baud) (V.34).

I’m proud to have been a member of OncoLink’s technical team since 1996. Not for the mere geeky pleasure of watching the immense advances in Internet technology, but because I care deeply in the mission of OncoLink. In the past 18 years, I have lost two of my dearest friends to cancer, but I have also seen many friends survive, going on to lead incredible lives. OncoLink was always there to provide resouces, information and support. Happy Birthday, OncoLink!

OncoLink Homepage from 1996
An early version of OncoLink Homepage from 1996

For more on OncoLink’s birthday, please see Happy Birthday OncoLink by James Metz, MD, OncoLink Editor-in-Chief and The Conception of OncoLink – A Perspective by Joel Goldwein, MD, Founding Editor of OncoLink.

Below are some some interesting facts and videos. Enjoy!

In 19941

  • The White House launches its website,
  • Initial commerce sites are established and mass marketing campaigns are launched via email, introducing the term “spamming” to the Internet vocabulary.
  • Marc Andreessen and Jim Clark start Netscape Communications. They introduce the Navigator browser.





December, 1995 16 millions 0.4 % IDC
December, 2011 2,267 millions 32.7 % Internet World Stats


CBC documentary from 1993 about this new thing called “Internet”

DEC – Glimpse of the Future, 1994


1 Information Please

2 How Many Are There

Mia Levesque
YIKES, Inc and Senior Production Editor, OncoLink

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