Rodney Warner

The Zika Virus and The Cancer Patient: One More Thing to Worry About

Posted May 17th, 2016

As if you don’t have enough going on…the Zika virus has made the news because of its ability to severely damage the brains of fetuses in pregnant women with the virus. What’s less publicized is the other damage it can do to people with suppressed immune systems, potentially those being treated for cancer or recovering […]

Rodney Warner

Everything Gives You Cancer

Posted April 22nd, 2016

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) may not sound familiar but you’ve heard of their research findings. They’re part of the World Health Organization (WHO) which is part of the United Nations. They’re the ones that recently announced bacon is in the same category of cancer risk as plutonium. One of America’s favorite […]

Rodney Warner

Why Are We So Intent on Killing Ourselves?

Posted April 12th, 2016

As time goes on you might assume that as medical knowledge and treatments progress over time, generally, we would live longer, healthier lives. That’s a false assumption for too many Americans according to two stories in the media based on two different medical studies. For large chunks of White America, especially women, life expectancies are […]

Rodney Warner

Breast Cancer, Denial and the Work Place

Posted March 28th, 2016

People with cancer are often reluctant to disclose their condition to co-workers. They may feel it’s not anyone’s business (it isn’t) or they may fear there may be a negative reaction from management or co-workers. A new study shows after co-workers learn another has breast cancer there are negative repercussions but it’s because how co-workers […]

Rodney Warner

Your Friend the Colonoscopy

Posted March 25th, 2016

It’s one of those rights of passage like your first date, your first car or living on your own for the first time. It’s the colonoscopy. It’s one of those things you’re supposed to get when you turn 50. It has a bad reputation because of the taboo section of the body it explores but […]

Rodney Warner

Supply, Demand and Regulations: Prices of Prescription Drugs are Skyrocketing

Posted March 9th, 2016

The price of prescription drugs is skyrocketing. That’s the product of lack of government controls on prices (unlike most countries), supply, and demand. With the population getting older there are more and more cancer patients using more and more pharmaceuticals. Another factor creating demand is simply how drugs are packaged. The American Association of Retired […]

Rodney Warner

Your Taxpayer Dollar Not Helping Cancer Patients (But Helping the Defense Industry)

Posted February 4th, 2016

It’s election time once again and I’m not sure there’s a Republican Presidential candidate who doesn’t want to spend more money on defense. Spending in the federal budget is an indication of the administration’s priorities. To put things into perspective this year’s budget for the National Cancer Institute (NCI) is slightly over $5 billion. This […]

Rodney Warner

You May Not Be Getting the Chemo You Need and Your Doctor Isn’t Telling You About It

Posted February 1st, 2016

Many chemo drugs are being rationed and some of those who need them aren’t getting them. Some of the doctors aren’t telling their patients about the problem, according to a recent article in the New York Times. Welcome to the “ignorance is bliss” world of modern medicine. The article discusses the shortages of many types of […]

Rodney Warner

Coupons Lowering the Price of Your Meds May Lead to Insurers Dropping Them from Your Plan

Posted December 29th, 2015

There is no free lunch but there is no shortage of marketing gimmicks from the pharmaceutical industry. Big Pharma would like you to know how warm and cuddly it is and one way is to brag about coupons it offers to lower the price of your meds and its “patient assistance” programs. You definitely could […]

Keeping Busy

Posted December 8th, 2015

I enjoy baking. It takes my mind off of the more stressful things in my life. At one point one of those things was cancer. I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma at the end of 2000. Two years later I had gotten into remission and relapsed twice. Things were looking pretty grim and I had […]