Coming Soon: Medicare Drug Price Negotiations

Posted September 1st, 2023

In August 2022, President Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) into law. This law enacted changes to Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage. One part of this was the ability of Medicare to negotiate the prices of some medications. It is estimated that drug negotiation will save Medicare over 98 billion dollars in its […]

Resource Round-Up: Let’s Win Pancreatic Cancer

Posted May 23rd, 2023

A diagnosis of pancreatic cancer can be devastating. Patients and caregivers can find it difficult to know where to find the best treatment and what that treatment should look like. This was the experience of Anne Glauber and her family in 2014. They did not know where to turn for information and care but knew […]

Resource Round-Up: 2Unstoppable

Posted May 16th, 2023

When you are given a diagnosis of breast cancer, exercise may not be top of mind – but perhaps it should be. There are many benefits to exercise – including: These benefits are not lost on Ilana Gamerman and Michelle Stravitz, two breast cancer survivors who saw how exercise and fitness support improved their own […]

Bringing a Piece of Home to the Hospital

Posted April 4th, 2023

We get a lot of questions from readers about what you can do to help a hospitalized family member or friend. Patients love the sentiment, but most have their fill of robes, fluffy slippers and lavender scented lotions and potions. Recently, friends of OncoLink, Stephanie and Whitney, shared with me what they did for their […]

Medicare Open Enrollment is Here!

Posted October 17th, 2022

Medicare open enrollment is upon us for 2023. If you are a Medicare recipient, this is the time of year when you can make (some) changes to your Medicare coverage. What can I change? You can add or change your Medicare part D (drug) plan. You can change to a different Medicare advantage plan. You […]

10 Ways the Inflation Reduction Act will Impact Cancer Care

Posted August 18th, 2022

This week, President Biden signed into law the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). While the name of this bill doesn’t sound like it has a thing to do with healthcare, there are major provisions in the bill that will greatly change the landscape of healthcare, especially in regards to prescription drug coverage for people with Medicare. […]

Tomorrow is National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day!

Posted April 29th, 2022

Have you taken a look at your medicine cabinet lately? Aside from cotton swabs, mouthwash, and makeup remover, are there old, outdated prescription drugs in your cabinet? How do you dispose of old, outdated, expired, or unneeded medications? Flush them down the toilet? Throw them out with your household trash? Not sure? Well, the DEA […]

March is Multiple Myeloma Action Month

Posted March 29th, 2022

Part of getting involved in advocacy and action is learning more about the disease and cause you are advocating for to improve research, treatment development, supportive care, and resources. Multiple myeloma is often a cancer very few have heard of, but once it touches you, you never forget it – as it has for Michael […]

Breaking News: Medical Debt and Your Credit Report

Posted March 23rd, 2022

Medical debt is the largest source of personal debt in the US. Two-thirds of all personal bankruptcies are due to medical bills. About 115 million Americans under 65 report issues with medical bills, have skipped medical care due to cost, or have been uninsured/underinsured. As a result, more and more Americans are seeing their credit […]

March is Colon Cancer Awareness Month

Posted March 1st, 2022

March is Colon Cancer Awareness Month and the screening recommendations have changed. What you need to know. Did anyone else see the memes last week that said, “if you recognized everyone in the Superbowl halftime show, it’s time to schedule your first colonoscopy?” Yes, fellow Gen-Xers. It’s time.And if it seems earlier to you than […]