A Poet’s Autobiography of Cancer

Posted May 31st, 2023

 In the fall of 2022, my life was changed by a single phone call when I was diagnosed with stage II B-cell, non-specified, non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, a rare and aggressive cancer of the lymphatic system. For me, a large tumor was growing in my left armpit. The tumor was damaging my ulnar nerve to the point […]

Happy Occupational Therapy Month

Posted April 19th, 2023

April is Occupational Therapy (OT) month, and it is with gratitude and humble appreciation that I come to reflect upon my time as an OT working with cancer patients and their loved ones. Working in cancer care across the continuum has been one of my life’s greatest honors, and I wish to take a moment […]

Addressing Cancer Pain with Complementary Methods (Part 2)

Posted April 10th, 2023

This blog provides some information on pain relief methods you can try at home in concert with your medications and other methods you may use to treat your pain. Remember to talk with your provider about any integrative or complementary therapies you are using during your cancer treatment. This blog provides some information on pain […]

Addressing Cancer Pain with Complementary Methods (Part 1)

Posted April 7th, 2023

By Carter Moss, MSW Student Cancer pain management often involves a multidisciplinary approach that combines traditional medical interventions with complementary therapies. In this two-part blog series, you will learn more about factors that may contribute to pain and some ways to “turn down the volume” of the pain you are feeling. Pain is a complex […]

Bringing a Piece of Home to the Hospital

Posted April 4th, 2023

We get a lot of questions from readers about what you can do to help a hospitalized family member or friend. Patients love the sentiment, but most have their fill of robes, fluffy slippers and lavender scented lotions and potions. Recently, friends of OncoLink, Stephanie and Whitney, shared with me what they did for their […]

Happy 29th Birthday OncoLink!

Posted March 7th, 2023

Twenty nine years and still going strong! When I was finishing up nursing school in 1994, computers were a novelty. I still researched my school papers using the card catalogue and email was just starting to gain popularity. In a small office at the University of Pennsylvania, Dr. Joel Goldwein was playing around with creating […]

Is That New Lump or Bump a Sarcoma?

Posted February 28th, 2023

This blog shares some ways to tell if a new or existing lump could be a sarcoma and, if so, what steps you should take next. If you are not sure, see your primary care provider. What is Sarcoma? A sarcoma is a type of cancer that forms in bone or soft tissues like muscle, nerves, fat, […]

News on the Passing of the Lymphedema Treatment Act!

Posted January 23rd, 2023

The beginning of 2023 has brought exciting news for the lymphedema community. The Lymphedema Treatment Act (LTA), first introduced as a bill in Congress in 2010, was finally passed into law on December 23, 2022. This landmark legislation will result in Medicare coverage for lymphedema compression supplies starting January 1, 2024. Why is the LTA […]

New Year’s Wishes 2016

Posted December 29th, 2022

I’d like to give myself a magic wand at this time of the year to grant wishes to those affected by cancer. This was a wish list I put together in 2015, yet it is still relevant. Maybe this will be the year my wishes come true! Here are my wishes for the upcoming year: […]

Medicare Open Enrollment is Here!

Posted October 17th, 2022

Medicare open enrollment is upon us for 2023. If you are a Medicare recipient, this is the time of year when you can make (some) changes to your Medicare coverage. What can I change? When can I make changes? What can’t I change? How do I make changes? Learn More on OncoLink Listen to our Health […]