Happy Nurses Month!

Posted May 3rd, 2021

For the past 19 years, nurses have ranked #1 on the list of the most ethical and honest professionals in an annual Gallup poll. I don’t think this ranking would come as a surprise to most. Nurses are taught how to care for you from the time you are born until you die and every […]

Karen Arnold-Korzeniowski, BSN, RN

Lessons Learned from the Bedside

Posted May 23rd, 2019

When I was getting ready to graduate from nursing school I had applied for a few different positions, all on medical/surgical floors. A professor I admired told me if you start your career working on this type of unit, you are setting yourself up to go anywhere in nursing. I got a call to interview […]

Karen Arnold-Korzeniowski, BSN, RN

Reflections Of A “Retired” Floor Nurse

Posted October 20th, 2017

More recently, I have been reflecting on my time spent as a floor nurse. I know that on many levels I needed a break from the highly intense job that I was in, but I wouldn’t change my first experience as a nurse for anything. Those eight years both taught and reinforced invaluable life lessons. […]

Karen Arnold-Korzeniowski, BSN, RN

Loss and How I Have Learned to Manage

Posted March 30th, 2016

Everyone deals with loss. You could be dealing with the loss of a loved one or pet, the loss of a job, the loss of a favorite product when it is discontinued, the loss of a friendship after an argument, the loss of a friendly face when a neighbor moves or a co-worker moves on […]