Lucky 13-A Male Breast Cancer Story

Posted October 20th, 2021

Thanks to Harvey Singer for sharing this blog, originally published on the HIS Breast Cancer Awareness website. Learn more about male breast cancer, genetic risk, and resources offered through HIS Breast Cancer here. Thirteen years ago, this week, I heard those infamous words: “Mr. Singer, sir you have breast cancer!” It was not that shocking […]

5 Things To Know About In-Home Genetic Testing

Posted March 28th, 2018

Recently,  in-home genetic testing kits, such as 23andMe and Color, were granted FDA authorization to provide direct to consumer, no prescription needed, in-home genetic testing. On the surface, this seems very attractive. Genetic mutations are thought to account for 5-10% of all cancer diagnoses ( As we learn more about how genetics influence our cancer risk, more […]

I wish u knew

I wish u knew…Cancer Research & Genetics

Posted January 21st, 2013

Dr. Peter O’Dwyer is a dapper Dubliner who talks a straight game. He didn’t skip a beat when I asked him to share what he wishes people knew more about.