I Received the COVID-19 Vaccine – Now What?

Posted February 8th, 2021

Receiving the COVID-19 vaccine is an important step towards ending the pandemic – congratulations! Once you have received both doses of the  COVID-19 vaccine, you may be wondering what’s next. The vaccine is shown to be 95% effective about a week or two after the second dose is received. It is important to remain vigilant […]

Vaccines Keeping Us Safe

Posted August 5th, 2019

A vaccine teaches your body’s immune system to recognize and protect you against certain germs. Vaccines contain a small amount of a virus or bacteria that is known to cause a serious or deadly illness. The virus or bacteria has been weakened or killed so that it cannot make you sick. Your immune system learns […]

The Flu Vaccine for People with Cancer

Posted October 14th, 2016

Flu vaccine information is everywhere you turn these days, from the supermarket to the news. Every year around this time, questions about flu vaccination start popping up in cancer clinics. Many people with cancer (and survivors) may be wondering how they can best prevent getting sick, and if they should be vaccinated against the flu. […]