Don’t forget to stay sun safe!

Sun Safety

Hi Friends.

As we head into Memorial Day weekend, I wanted to say a few words about Sun Safety. I was at a conference on skin cancer last week and was made aware of this awesome product that you add to laundry and makes your clothes SPF of 30. FYI : The average white t-shirt is SFP of 5. Adding one packet of this Sun Guard product stays on the clothes for 20 washes! It is especially great for kids.

For more information, visit SunGuard™.

Another thing to look for are these UV sun sense bands that you or your kids put on and then put sunscreen everywhere including over the bands. Once the color on the band fades, time to reapply the sunscreen.

For more information, visit UVSunSense™ wristband

One more thing, there is a bill in PA Senate that if passes would NOT allow minors to be able to tan at tanning salons even with parental consent. Please consider supporing this petition. Melanoma (the deadliest form of skin cancer) is on the rise in young people and many studies point to the increase in tanning salon use being the most likely cause.

For more information, see Senate Bill # 349. At the top right corner you can search for your Senate Representative and then send them an email to support this bill.

Thanks for listening to my pitch on sun safety!

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