A Big Thanks to Bob!

Almost a decade ago I got an email from a guy named Bob who ran a wonderful place called the Cancer Resource Center of the Finger Lakes. Little did I know the relationship to which this email would lead. You see, we get lots of emails here at OncoLink – people looking for advice, people looking for information or an ear to vent to, and occasionally someone looking to write about their experiences. Some share a few stories or blogs, but given this is purely voluntary, they usually fall off the wagon within a few months and we don’t hear from them again –or at most, infrequently.

Bob had been writing a column about his cancer experiences and advice for the Ithaca Journal, a publication in his hometown in New York. He wanted to expand the audience and share these writings with us- and our visitors. And with that, Bob Riter’s Cancer Columns was born.

Bob has a wonderful ability to give advice without being judgmental or allowing his personal views to influence good advice. He has a way of putting into words what everyone may be thinking, but are unable to say, or maybe too afraid to say. He uses his personal experiences as a survivor and his professional experiences of working with patients and caregivers for many years to inform his writings.

Late last year Bob decided to retire from his role at CRCFL. I know the team at the Cancer Resource Center is going to miss seeing him every day. Here at OncoLink, we have been blessed to have Bob as a regular contributor for almost a decade – one of our longest contributors! We were excited for him to enjoy retirement – but a little selfishly sad. Our readers would surely miss his take on life with cancer. Lucky for us, Bob couldn’t give us up! He will still be writing his columns and sharing his wisdom in retirement – and we look forward to continuing this friendship

In recognition of his contributions, we decided an award was in order. At Bob’s retirement party, he was presented with an OncoLink Lifetime Achievement Award for his longstanding commitment to creating educational blogs and empowering patients and families affected by cancer. We are forever grateful for your willingness to share your wisdom Bob!

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