Just Go For The Ride!!!!

Recently I was in a work meeting and the statement was made to “go for the ride” during this busy time of growth and innovation.

This really resonated with me personally, and I was inspired to reflect on this.

As an ovarian cancer survivor, what does this mean to me?

I remember every second of what it felt like to hear those life-changing words “you have cancer” almost three years ago.  I never wanted to live as much as I did that day, and begged for a second chance to appreciate the life I was given.   Although I want the bad memories of that journey to fade, I do want to remember that desire for life: all that life has to offer, including the everyday mundane, the highs, the lows, the pursuit of excellence, the hard work, the celebrations –

Feeling every emotion, being authentic, and making the most of every day.  In other words – I want to go for the ride!

So now every day is a new beginning.  An opportunity to:

  • take that chance
  • strike that pose that reflects how you’re feeling
  • reach out to someone
  • help someone
  • forgive someone
  • ask someone for forgiveness
  • work hard, and also play hard
  • plan that trip, or buy that item
  • have that piece of cake
  • and yes, make some mistakes too

So I strive on every new day to go for the ride, whatever it might be, grateful for the second chance, and embracing every glorious moment!

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