Exercise During Cancer Treatment

This webinar provides an overview of the role of exercise and physical activity during cancer treatment.

Joann Fegley, MBA, MS, C-PT is an exercise physiologist specializing in cancer fitness personal training. She is the owner of JoFly’s Fitness and a specialized fitness instructor for Penn Integrative Medicine at the Abramson Cancer Center.

2 thoughts on “Exercise During Cancer Treatment

  1. As I have just commenced my treatment for Stage 4 Metastatic Malignant Melanoma I felt it important to exercise and maintain a certain level of strength. Having searched via the internet and on finding OncoLink and more specifically the video titled Exercise During Cancer Treatment I would just like to sincerely thank Joann Fegley for the excellent education I have received via this video and more importantly a systemic process to follow both for Aerobic and Strength/Resistance Training. As I am located in Scotland, U.K. the “global” reach of this video is impressive to say the least.

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