Proton Therapy for Head and Neck Cancers: Webinar

Posted February 1st, 2017

This webinar provides an introduction to the treatment of head and neck cancers, with a focus on radiation therapy and specifically the treatment of head and neck cancers with proton therapy.   About the Presenter: This webinar is presented by Caitlin Schonewolf, MD, MS, Department of Radiation Oncology, Penn Medicine.  Caitlin is a graduate of […]

Karen Arnold-Korzeniowski, BSN, RN

Oral, Head and Neck Cancer Awareness Week

Posted April 10th, 2016

Oral, Head and Neck Cancer Awareness Week is April 10-16th. During this week there are educational talks, fundraising opportunities and patient support initiatives. Keep in mind that free screenings are always available at sites throughout the United States. To be able to provide some advice to those affected by these cancers, I asked oral, head […]

Survivorship Benefits of Proton Therapy

Posted June 17th, 2015

This video includes short presentations on the survivorship benefits for patients treated with proton therapy. With improvements in early detection and the treatment of cancer, the number of cancer survivors continues to grow, exceeding 14 million in the US alone. Long-term and late effects of cancer treatments are a concern for survivors hoping to live […]

Bob Riter

Head and neck cancers present special challenges

Posted June 5th, 2015

Treatment for head and neck cancers is tough, since talking, swallowing and breathing are affected.

Mously LeBlanc, MD

Cancer Rehabilitation for Head & Neck Cancers [Webinar]

Posted January 15th, 2015

Join us for this live or archived webinar on Cancer Rehabilitation for Head & Neck Cancers.

Head and Neck Cancers are Especially Difficult

Posted September 25th, 2014

If I’m in a support group, I always shut down conversations that begins with, “My cancer is worse than your cancer.” Those conversations are always pointless because every cancer is life-altering and potentially life-threatening. But one type of cancer does present exceptional challenges during treatment and recovery. These cancers are head and neck cancers, and […]

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Spotlight on Speech and Swallowing Therapy Update for Head & Neck Cancer [Webinar]

Posted April 2nd, 2014

Meredith Pauly, MA, CCC-SLP, Speech Language Pathologist, presents the latest research in speech and swallowing for head & neck cancer survivors.