Proton Therapy for Head and Neck Cancers: Webinar

This webinar provides an introduction to the treatment of head and neck cancers, with a focus on radiation therapy and specifically the treatment of head and neck cancers with proton therapy.


About the Presenter:

This webinar is presented by Caitlin Schonewolf, MD, MS, Department of Radiation Oncology, Penn Medicine.  Caitlin is a graduate of Princeton University and Robert Wood Johnson Medical School.  She is a resident in the Radiation Oncology Department at Penn Medicine, with a keen interest in head and neck cancer treatment.

2 thoughts on “Proton Therapy for Head and Neck Cancers: Webinar

  1. Well done Caitlin. Very clear, good pace and not overwhelming. I just completed Proton Therapy here in Seattle in mid-December for HPV/base of tongue Carcinoma. Your presentation makes me feel like I made the right choice. I wish it would have been available as a tool prior to my decision. Thanks for doing this.

    1. Here is a response from Caitlin: Thank you so much for viewing our webinar! We always strive to support patients through education that can empower them to make educated treatment decisions and be active participants in their care. I wish it had been available to you earlier in your treatment, but I am glad that it affirmed your choice. Thank you for the positive feedback. I wish you all the best.

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