Read the Fine Print: What You Need to Know About Medicare Advantage

Posted December 3rd, 2019

Medicare open enrollment for 2020 ends in a few short days—December 7th. No doubt, like me, you have seen the countless commercials and even 30-minute-long infomercials from various Medicare Advantage plans touting the great benefits of these plans—like dental and vision coverage, gym memberships, transportation to medical appointments—and many others. For some, Medicare Advantage plans […]

OncoLink’s Annual Health Insurance Webinar Series: Updates for 2020

Posted November 4th, 2019

During the month of November, we will be featuring blogs from patients, caregivers and healthcare providers that focus on the topic of financial toxicity. Knowing more about your insurance and your coverage can help manage financial toxicity. Open enrollment season for Medicare and Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”) plans is now upon us! To help you […]

Open Enrollment News Flash for Southeastern Pennsylvania (SEPA) Residents

Posted November 8th, 2018

Do you live in the 5 county Philadelphia area? Are you dual enrolled with Medicare/Medicare Advantage and Medicaid (you have a yellow and blue access card)? You should have received notice from the state regarding a new program in this area called “Community HealthChoices.” Beginning in 2019, all individuals who are dual enrolled in SEPA […]

Medicare Open Enrollment is Almost Here-What You Need to Know

Posted October 12th, 2018

Medicare open enrollment is upon us for 2019. If you are a Medicare recipient, this is the time of year when you can make (some) changes to your Medicare coverage. What can I change? You can change your Medicare part D (drug) plan. You can change to a different Medicare advantage plan. You can switch […]

Coming to a Mailbox Near You–New Medicare Cards!

Posted January 3rd, 2018

Attention all Medicare recipients! As part of the Medicare Access and CHIP reauthorization act (MACRA) of 2015, all social security numbers will be removed from Medicare cards. Beginning in April of 2018, people with Medicare will receive a new Medicare card my mail. MACRA requires that all Medicare cards be replaced by April 2019. Here is […]

Open Enrollment: Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers-Part 2

Posted November 21st, 2017

Open enrollment season is upon us! This is the second in our series of blogs summarizing the material from our #getcovered tweet chat and highlighting important facts about open enrollment. Be sure to check the blogs every Tuesday thru December 5th for great tips and tricks to help you navigate the complicated insurance maze. Remember […]

Open Enrollment—Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers

Posted November 14th, 2017

Open enrollment season is upon us! For each of the next four Tuesdays (November 14, 21, 28 and December 5th), I’ll be summarizing the material from our #getcovered tweet chat and highlighting important facts about open enrollment. Be sure to check the blogs weekly for great tips and tricks to help you navigate the complicated […]

Health Insurance Webinar Series

Posted November 1st, 2017

I never thought I would become an expert in health insurance; especially since it is something I have been lucky enough to always have.  But here I am, an oncology social worker with a special affinity for getting folks educated and informed about health insurance, how it works, how to use it, what to look […]

Open Enrollment Tweet Chat

Posted October 30th, 2017

Join us for a Tweet chat about open enrollment and insurance concerns! Do you have questions about your insurance options during open enrollment? Do you already have coverage through Medicare or the ACA (Obamacare Marketplace), but want to be sure you have the coverage you need? Are you confused about the recent changes to the […]

Annual Health Insurance Education Webinar Series

Posted September 30th, 2016

Open enrollment for Medicare begins October 15th and for Affordable Care Act Plans on November 1st.  To ensure that you are making the decision that is right for you, watch Christina’s updated insurance webinars where you can learn all you need to know. OncoLink is proud to present our annual health insurance education webinar series.  […]