Rearview Mirror

Donna Lee

When I see all that has transpired in the last few years regarding lung cancer research I can’t help but hope that maybe all the work the advocates are doing has something to do with it. I want to believe we are making a difference and want to hope if we keep it up, we can see it through. Maybe it is a dream that doctors will completely cure lung cancer, maybe it is more realistic to strive for treatments that make it a chronic disease, but why not reach for the sun and if we have to settle on the stars that will be ok for a short while too? Once we get there, we re-group and keep on going.

My wish is that people will start feeling hopeful when all the latest research and development in lung cancer becomes common knowledge. I know that any cancer diagnose is awful and not a club anyone wants to willingly join, but lets face it, there are some cancers that offer a lot more hope than lung. But now, it won’t be so hard to find survivors to hold your hand through the ordeal because more are living longer and more are being cured. I recognize we have a lot to still accomplish, but compared to where we were, the train has really started to leave the station.

I know we are only at the threshold of a new world order for lung cancer, a precipice of sorts, and I understand there is a lot more to do. But, there is finally something to see in the rearview mirror, because we are moving ahead and that my friend is exhilarating!

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