Thriving after Head and Neck Cancer: Role of Rehabilitation on Quality of Life

Date: Wednesday, April 3, 2013
Time: 10-11AM ET

April is Head & Neck Cancer Awareness Month! Join us for a presentation, given by Mously LeBlanc, MD, about the physical effects of H&N cancer treatments, their effect on quality of life and how cancer rehabilitation can help manage these issues.

To replay the webinar, you will need to press the play arrow on the audio file below (you will hear a minute of us getting set up to start!) and on the webchat box below that to look at the slides. Scroll along through the presentation on the webchat box. Enjoy!

Click here to view or print a copy of the presentation slides. [PDF]

Mously LeBlanc, MD
Mously LeBlanc, MD

Trained in Cancer Rehabilitation at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Dr. LeBlanc’s goal is to improve her patient’s quality of life. Patients experiencing many of the long term effects of head & neck cancer treatment, including lymphedema, radiation fibrosis, neck pain, trismus, TMJ dysfunction and radiculopathy, can benefit from learning about treatments for these conditions in this webchat.

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