Yoga for Cancer

Yoga is a tool to recover, reconnect, and rejuvenate. It is a way to strengthen the immune system, reduce stress, and help manage the side effects of chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation. We invite you to explore more about how yoga can make a difference and support cancer patients in this video below with Karen Gagnier.

About the Speaker:  Karen Gagnier, Yoga Instructor, Breast Cancer Survivor

When Karen was diagnosed with breast cancer, and after a full year of treatments-chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation, she experienced first hand the benefits of a yoga practice. Part of her recovery plan was to share this gift of yoga and become a teacher. She is a yoga instructor for cancer survivors in the Philadelphia area.

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2 thoughts on “Yoga for Cancer

  1. For me, the yoga center was just one more group sending my dead wife emails and cards long after I had spread her ashes. One more source of false hope against the inevitable without even the sensitivity to stop peddling it’s nonsense after the customer was deceased.

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