Open Enrollment Tweet Chat

Join us for a Tweet chat about open enrollment and insurance concerns!

  • Do you have questions about your insurance options during open enrollment?
  • Do you already have coverage through Medicare or the ACA (Obamacare Marketplace), but want to be sure you have the coverage you need?
  • Are you confused about the recent changes to the ACA/Obamacare plans?
  • Are you thinking- what is a tweet chat? See the instructions below!

Join our panel of experts to learn more and get your questions answered!


New to Tweet chats? Give it a try!

The Basics

A tweet chat is when a group of Twitter users come to Twitter at the same time to discuss a topic. By adding a # (hashtag) to each post, the discussion can be easily grouped together and followed. A moderator will post questions, giving them a number (Q1, Q2, etc). Participants can answer each question using by including the number (A1, A2, etc). The chat typically lasts an hour. Let’s try an example:

Moderator posts: Q1: What is your favorite ice cream flavor? #icecreamrules

Participant 1 post: A1: Everyone knows chocolate is the best! #icecreamrules

Participant 2 post: A1: Chocolate chip cookie dough is the only flavor in this house! #icecreamrules

Moderator post: Q2: What toppings? #icecreamrules

Participant 2 post: A2: duh – sprinkles #icecreamrules

Participant 3 post: A2: late to the game here- chocolate fudge all the way #icecreamrules

Participant 1 post: A2: y’all are missing out – caramel all the way! #icecreamrules

Participating in a Chat

  • First step, you need a Twitter account. You can make one for free at
  • Now, if you wanted to follow along with this chat, you would go to and in the search bar type #icecreamrules
  • As new posts come in, you will see the “new tweets” at the top of the posts, click that to load the new posts.
  • Want to post something in the chat? Be sure to use the hashtag (#) and the Q number, if applicable.

My post: Can someone recommend a good low sugar ice cream brand? #icecreamrules

My post: A1: My family swears by Phish Food! #icecreamrules


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