When Is Progress a Bad Thing?

Posted June 4th, 2019

Disease Progression.  Two little words, never used before, have insidiously snuck into my doctor’s vernacular. My chemotherapy ended twenty months ago and the deep response was something to celebrate. We had gotten terrific results and I felt liberated, each day a new lease on life. But now I seem to recall a bit of caution […]

My Resolution? NO MORE Resolutions!

Posted January 3rd, 2019

Facing 2019 with one less thing to do. The world watched excitedly as that glittery ball dropped and the confetti swirled magically through the air to the tune of Auld Lang Syne. In these early moments of 2019, I am left wondering three things:  How are the young able to stand for hours in the […]

Ho, Ho…Hell No–Facing the Holiday Season with a Cancer Diagnosis

Posted December 21st, 2018

Channukah, Christmas, Kwanza…. and Cancer?  The problem with Gratitude is that it knows too much. Sure, it has an innocent and ingénue side. It gets good press and is prominently featured in loving-kindness meditations, Oprah magazine and bedtime journal entries. But in order to arrive at it’s truest moment and the heart of it all, […]

Writing a Life

Posted November 21st, 2018

Here’s a conundrum: it took me two seconds to decide in my heart that writing for a cancer blog was the BEST IDEA EVER. But it took me a little longer (okay, seven months to be exact but stop judging me, we just met) to put pen to paper. Why? Part of the answer lies […]