Demystifying Mindfulness: Meditation-There’s An App For That!

Posted August 3rd, 2018

This blog is the fifth part in the series “Demystifying Mindfulness.” I’m hoping I can help us all understand a little bit more about the practice of mindfulness, how it can be helpful and how we can integrate it into our lives. I’ve been meditating for 27 days! This is quite a streak! I’ve even […]

There’s an App for That- Medication Reminders

Posted March 31st, 2017

Chances are, if you have cancer or are a cancer survivor, you are taking more than one oral medication. You may be taking pain medications, anxiety or depression medications, anti nausea medications, vitamins/supplements; not to mention medications you may need to manage other health issues like high blood pressure, diabetes or high cholesterol. With all […]

There’s an App for That! Cloud Storage-Part 2

Posted March 9th, 2017

So, you have selected a cloud storage platform…great job! Now it’s time to get your documents into the cloud. Within your cloud storage platform, create a file JUST for medical records. If you want to protect your information, be sure to password protect this file (but be sure someone else knows your password to access […]

There’s an App for That! Cloud Sharing and Storage (part 3 in a series)

Posted March 2nd, 2017

Have you ever wondered what the “cloud” is? Cloud storage is defined as “a cloud computing model in which data is stored on remote servers accessed from the Internet, or “cloud.” It is maintained, operated and managed by a cloud storage service provider on storage servers (” Cloud storage can be very helpful in backing […]

There’s an App for That!-“Find My Phone!” (part 2 in a series)

Posted February 24th, 2017

Picture this: It’s been another busy day at your cancer treatment center. Between your lab draws, your infusion, a follow up visit with the radiation oncologist and attending a support group, you’ve been in a lot of places. As you are preparing to head home, you reach in your pocket or purse for your phone […]

There’s an App for That! (part 1 in a series)

Posted February 15th, 2017

Welcome to my newest blog series, “There’s an App for That!”  In this series, I’ll feature apps and features available on your mobile phone/tablet that can help you manage your cancer care. Full disclosure: this entry of “There’s an App for That” focuses specifically on a tool available only on ipPhones and with the iOS […]