Happy Birthday OncoLink!

OncoLink turns 18 years old this month!!!

Happy Birthday OncoLinkIt is truly amazing to think how the Internet has changed the world since it was opened to the public in January of 1994. A visionary team launched OncoLink in March of 1994 and we have never looked back. The site stays true to its mission to empower patients, families, and healthcare providers with the most reliable cancer information on the Internet.

There have been many “Firsts” during the past 18 years including:

  • First Cancer information resource on the Internet;
  • First IRB approved electronic consents on the Internet;
  • First major US based cancer resource translated into Spanish;
  • First personalized Cancer Survivorship Care Plans;
  • First cancer risk assessment tool encompassing all cancers on the Internet.


Just to name a few!

As a team, we are incredibly proud of our past, yet strive to develop more for those in need of accurate, reliable information that can be accessed easily. As Editor-in-Chief, I am convinced the best team in the world is sitting here working for you, our users. I look forward to continued growth and a bright future. So, officially, OncoLink becomes an adult this month. We would love to have you post your thoughts and encouragement as we continue to strive to support the needs of our users.

Thanks for your support!
James Metz, MD
OncoLink Editor-in-Chief

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