Nutrition Has a Very Important Part to Play

Our choices in food and nutrition play an important part in health. Small healthful steps like including colorful fruits and vegetables to your diet, increasing fiber and cutting down on simple sugars can make a big difference.  We invite you to learn more about the role of nutrition in our health from Dr. Ana Negron in this video. Enjoy!

About the Speaker: Ana M Negron, MD

Dr. Negron is a Board Certified family physician who has been in practice for over thirty five years. She has studied food as medicine and gives excellent nutrition advise.  Cooking has become a unique and integral part of her practice.  In addition to her practice in Haverford, PA, Dr. Negron teaches younger physicians the role of food as medicine.

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3 thoughts on “Nutrition Has a Very Important Part to Play

  1. My brain just turned 80 years old. Is it too late to help it? I eat a lot of vegetables especially water based veggies. I have spent over 10 years of seeing different doctors and finally found one that gave me a diagnosis. I see an OT 2 times a week for wrapping my legs and feet. How wonderful it feels to receive help and encouragement instead of another diuretic.

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